San Bernadino County and Shipping Pollution

Member “clanmesa” recently added a “green action needed” marker to the Eco-mmunity Map. This type of marker is arguably the most important part of the map as it represents a rallying point for education and action on specific environmental problems. If you are motivated and desire to see real change take place, then consider the “green action needed” marker as a useful outreach tool that can supplement other grassroots efforts you may have in place.

The situation in San Bernadino county is very grave, as it is ranked by the EPA as one of the most hazardous areas in America in terms of air pollution and stormwater runoff. Many trains and trucking companies route transit through this county as it has become a natural confluence of shipping lanes. The resulting health hazards are contributing to lung conditions like cancer, asthma, bronchitis and various pulmonary diseases. Stormwater runoff occurs when rainfall flows over land and collects together small amounts of toxic substances that pool together and pollute reservoirs of water. Check out this informational webpage [] for general information on a new act that the government is considering to combat some aspects of these problems.

As far as regulating ports and the shipping that goes to and from these major areas of commerce, there are two great websites that are running petition letters which anyone can sign and help to regulate the shipping pollution in California.

Coalition for Clean Air []

Communities for Clean Ports []