Just Like Mom Said: Eat Your Veggies

We mentioned earlier this week that cutting back or completely removing meat from your diet is one of the most impactful, earth-friendly decisions you can make in your lifestyle. This can be sort of a touchy subject for folks, but, happily, eating less (or zero) meat doesn’t have to mean tasteless chunks of tofu and bad meat substitutions. Here are some of TreeHugger’s favorite resources and other tasty tidbits about going veggie to help make the most of your meatless diet.

1) Vegetarian egg drop soup [www.treehugger.com] is just one of our favorite recipes for maximizing taste while minimizing meat; we’ve got a whole list of other recipes [www.treehugger.com] to tempt your taste buds.
2) For the times when you can’t make your own soup from scratch, we like these, that come in biodegradable bowls [www.treehugger.com], so the packaging won’t last years longer than the product.
3) Linda McCartney’s brand of vegetarian food and meals has spread from Britain through Europe and the US, and is helping to put a friendly face on eating more veggies.
4) If you eat all your veggies, you can have dessert. We like Turtle Mountain Ice Cream [www.treehugger.com] for a tasty, organic, vegetarian sweet treat.

5) It’s not just about the food, though; vegetarianism is becoming quite the status symbol. We’ve even heard that “vegetarian is the new Prius” [www.treehugger.com].
6) Gourmet magazine is even on board with a monthly vegetarian section [www.treehugger.com] which seeks “to uncover the truth: Vegetarian meals can be bold, exciting and satisfying.”
7) As if you needed more inspiration than that, “animals we eat generate 21% of all the carbon dioxide that can be attributed to human activity [www.treehugger.com].” Know another way you can cut your carbon footprint by almost a quarter at the drop of a hat?

8) Eating in is nice, but sometimes you want to get out on the town; you can do that more easily with resources like VegOut’s city by city veggie dining guides [www.treehugger.com] and Happy Cow’s vegetarian restaurant guides [www.treehugger.com].
9) Going on vacation? Our guide to veggie and organic London [www.treehugger.com] is just one example of inspiring ways to get your veggies in a different locale.
10) Parents, this one’s for you: smart kids are more likely to be vegetarians [www.treehugger.com].
11) This vegetarian car rental [www.treehugger.com] proves that there isn’t much that you can’t do with the power of plants.