FTC Announces New Energyguide Label

In trying to reverse the gradually escalating course of events that has sponsored the era of global warming, there are many tools, each with various drawbacks and benefits. Relying on billions of consumers’ choices is a very uncertain proposition, but with a little faith in the goodness of the human spirit, and the right tools, it might result in a cleaner environment.

One regulating tool in the fight to arm consumers with good information is the “Energyguide Label”. Issued and managed by the Federal Trade Commission, the energyguide gives consumers a consolidated and reliable means of telling how much it will cost to maintain and power the electrical devices in their lives. It is also a standard that has nothing to do with the actual manufacturer of the product, thereby giving the buyer an unbiased source of information on which to compare products.

The FTC is releasing a new updated version of the energyguide label and the most exciting addition is a new hourly cost feature. With this new format of information, a consumer will be able to look at a glance and find out roughly how much money it will cost them to use the device for one hour. This is important because previously you were given the amount of power the device uses, which 99% of consumers cannot translate into a monetary amount.