EnergyStar could be useful for your home

In case you have heard about Energy Star but aren’t sure what it means, this is a joint program by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy designed to encourage the use of energy-saving appliances, building supplies and other products. To receive an official “Energy Star” badge, each of these products must adhere to specific guidelines for energy usage. Since these standards are relative to other products in the same category, you’ll always know you’re buying the most efficient products available. Such products are not only good for the environment, they can also help you save money on your energy bills. To learn more, visit the official Energy Star web site below. Website [].

Investigating this site is a key part of any plan to be sustainable or to use the “green” resources that are supplied by the US government. You can use this site to find rebates, lists of Energy Star-badged products, to outfit your home with money saving features or to find out about tax rebates that you may qualify for with energy efficient technologies. In the consummate American style, individuals have to lead the charge on being green, as there is no socialized imperative for saving energy besides self-interest.

After availing yourself of these governmental resources, you may consider checking out a site called GreenEnergyTV []. This site contains a growing archive of videos about all types of environmental topics, including one very funny video about a Pedal Powered Television, which might make all those exercise TV shows obsolete.