Designer Spotlight: Molo Design

Vancouver, BC-based molo design [] are experts at starting with something that’s static and two-dimensional and creating a design with structure, style and life. “soft” is a collection of products whose look is hinted at by the name, as they’ve created very smooth, organic shapes that look delicate, but not fragile. Their media of choice — paper and textiles, for the most part — allow for incredible versatility, and their design inspiration — honeycomb — makes for maximum structure with minimal materials.

So, let’s say you’re sharing that big open loft and at times there is nothing you crave more than a bit of privacy, but you do not want to build permanent, heavy or immovable partitions or wall. “softwall” [] is right up your alley, made of 400 honeycombed layers of fire-retardant translucent paper, it dampens sound, absorbs and transmits light and is modularly expandable, folding out from just 1 inch to over 20 feet. As artful as it is functional, it owns a place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to sit in your loft; for that, we like “softseating.” [] The modular paper pieces can be used for stools, low tables, side tables and chairs; again, the honeycomb design allows for both modularity and superior strength for its weight. Made of 50% recycled (and 100% recyclable) craft paper, each of the pieces can be folded up like a big book when not in use, allowing for lots of furniture when guests are around and lots of extra space when they’re not.

“softlight” [] follows a similar pattern to the other soft elements, utilizing the flexible paper honeycomb pattern to maximize strength and efficiency while minimizing materials. The honeycomb works particularly well for this design, creating a really neat effect with just a single lightbulb; we really like how the look grouped together. Of course, we have to recommend popping a compact fluorescent lightbulb in there. There’s a lot more good stuff over at molo’s site [], and many are for sale from Unica Home [].