Designer Spotlight: Hase Weiss

Kids furniture is one of those things where going green really makes sense; you want the best for your child, and you want you kids to be healthy, right? You never know what kids are going to get their hands on, or what they’ll put in their mouths and chew on, so it follows that you wouldn’t want anything that might, say, leach heavy metals or other toxins into their systems at such a developmentally-important time, right? For these reasons (and more), we like Germany’s Hase Weiss [] kids’ furniture.

Particularly timely in the wake of the difficulties in the Chinese toy manufacturing industry [] (and related fall-out []), the Berlin-based company specializes in wooden toys and children’s furniture that’ll give molded plastic a run for its money. Made up of modular boxes that come as shelves, drawers and benches, the toys and furniture can be put together as you like, ad nauseum; the colorways are simple, distinct and vibrant, and simplicity is key throughout the collection, allowing the imagination to take over, be inspired by your kids, and create a healthy, fun, livable space for them.

Though based in Germany, Hase Weiss’s furniture recently hopped the pond, and is available at New York’s Pomme []. In Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, the store is totally devoted to little ones under six, so we’re glad to see that getting your hands on Hase Weiss doesn’t require an international vacation (or at least a special shipping trip). If you speak German, you can learn more at their website []; if not, admire the simple beauty and wait for them to catch on elsewhere; we don’t think this will be the last time you’ll see their designs.