Department of Energy Announces Timetable For Conservation Strategy

Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman is trying to meet George Bush’s call for government agencies to put in place conservation efforts and renewable energy integration strategies. The benchmark to be reached is cutting energy use 30 percent, and cutting water use 16 percent by 2015. Additionally, the conservation strategy also includes a directive for renewable energy fuels to replace traditional fossil fuel resources in government vehicles and in heating systems. Hopefully these measures will also include solar power systems to lower carbon-based electricity usage.

It is heartening to think that the government wants to set an example for the rest of the country—while setting an example is the least that can be done, it is nonetheless a start. Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman plans to roll-out the first stages of the energy conservation plan in 2008.

Ultimately, there is a lot of talk in Washington about climate crisis but little action to ameliorate the problems. It seems as if the burden of effort relegates to the states themselves, as many places such as New York currently offer 60% rebates on renewable energy systems like solar, wind and hydroelectric. You can find some pretty good lists of these rebates around the web, like the one here. [] It is important to note that the incentives for getting renewable energy systems are currently very good, and that many certified installers will help you with the paperwork. Also, a little known fact about these rebates is that they pull funds from a static annual fund, and that they will decrease as more energy is created by renewable systems. Therefore, you should make sure you join the conservation party while the ‘drinks’ are still free.