"Your Green Home" Contains Valuable Green Building Tips

Building homes and renovating them is an industry that can seriously benefit from the green philosophies of recycling, reusing, and sustainable design. Whether you are talking about heating, cooling, insulation, air circulation, foundations, septic systems, windows, plumbing or anything else under the roof, there is a green option for you.

“Your Green Home: A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly New Home” is written by Alex Wilson. Mr. Wilson is well-known among industrial builders as one of the foremost environmental building experts. For the first time ever, Alex Wilson has made a guide that simplifies the techniques of green building for the general public.

The best thing about these green building elements is that they often result in increased maintenance savings from running a home. In the case of biomass systems or solar panels, these green building elements can actually generate income for a home.

You can find out more about the book on it’s website [www.buildinggreen.com].