This Week on THE GREEN


Filmed in a scenic English countryside, IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN follows the successes, trials and tribulations of a middle class family who try to renovate a cheap, but rundown farmhouse on a few acres of land. Disillusioned with their urban lifestyle, the Strawbridge family decides to create a new home that operates with little to no carbon footprint. Full of humanity and real world challenges, dive into what it takes for one family to be green.

If you are looking for inspiration in your own lifestyle, you love home improvement or you just want to see environmentalism in practice, then IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN is the perfect show to watch. Make sure to catch the premiere episode on Tuesday, July 17th.


Coffee fits into the ‘necessary’ category for many people. Unfortunately, the production of coffee can damage the quality of farm land, impoverish workforces and eliminate variation among planted crops. Green Mountain Coffee is out to change all of these problems and many more. Next time you buy coffee at the store, take a look for the Green Mountain Brand if you want to support an industry that supports the continuation of healthy, productive and happy world. Learn more on ECO BIZ.


Watch this compelling and heart-wrenching documentary which shows some of the effects of globalization on Tanzania, Africa. Introducing a new species into a completely new ecosystem can have drastic and far reaching effects that can even affect the ultimate king of the food chain: humans.

Perhaps you may know of other places in the world where the ecosystem is damaged or has been broken by human influence. Even if its as small as a local swimming hole that mysteriously dried up a few years back, chances are something might be done to fix the problem. We encourage you to login to our Eco-mmunity Map and put down a Green Action Needed Marker wherever in the world this problem area might be.