The Eco-mmunity Map Is Here!

Eco-mmunity Map

Changing the world overwhelms most people who even think about the concept. Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN has shown you innovative companies and inspired individuals initiating green changes. Seeing how other people have changed, learning about steps to living an every day green lifestyle and applauding the efforts of progressive companies are important aspects of creating a green movement. Now that Sundance Channel has provided an entertaining plethora of on-air content, the next step is to provide a practical tool for communities of people to come together on green initiatives. The Eco-mmunity map is one such tool.

We encourage you to explore this virtual map of the known world. Using Google Earth Maps, this map provides an unparalleled user interface for people, communities and businesses who want America to be green. The map already has many markers on it, but it is hungry for the participation of the general public. The amount of positive green changes that the Eco-mmunity can help to facilitate is directly related to the amount of users making markers on the Map, so we encourage all of our online audience to take advantage of this chance to help the world be more green.

If you are relatively new to the Green Blog or you have just heard about the new Eco-mmunity Map, then you can get a more thorough understanding of the facts by reading the introductory post about the Eco-mmunity Map.

We hope to see all of you having fun on the Map.