Keywords Are Your Friends

When you create a place marker in the Eco-mmunity Map, it’s very important to carefully consider the keywords you add to the marker. When somebody searches the Eco-mmunity Map, the keyword is one of the primary sections of the map marker information that is searched.

If one were entering a marker for a furniture store in Boise Idaho, then your list of keywords should at least contain the following words: post consumer waste, recycled, wood, furniture, Boise, Idaho, desk, chair, dresser, office, bedroom, table, cast iron, couch, lazy boy, coffee table, dining room. The list can go on for quite awhile but basically you are adding anything that is specifically related to your place marker.

Making a marker for an individual would work much the same way as a business except that you might describe yourself using the keywords. A person could describe themselves in many ways but lets take the example of a person who lives in a rural community in Ohio and is a farmer. Keywords could contain the following: recycle, conservation, Ohio, (county), vegetable garden, livestock, ethanol, vegetable oil, farmer, compost, corn, potatoes, greenpeace member, Jackfrost farms, catholic

The main idea with keywords is just to be as thorough as possible while only being careful of adding keywords that are extremely general, such as environmental. Chances are environmental is in the title of so many organizations that a search for that term will bring up a huge list of results. With this knowledge, you can be sure that your map place markers will be visible to the whole world.