How To: Get Started with Composting

Now that we have the basics of composting down, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. TreeHugger has seen a lot of different ideas and implementations of composting, from around the globe, and, while they all probably won’t work for you, that’s okay. One thing is for sure: from gadgets and gizmos, tips ‘n tricks, there is no reason you can’t start composting some (or all) of your organic waste by the end of the week. Let’s get started.

1) One of the first things you’ll need is a vessel in which to brew up your compost; if you’re an apartment-dweller in a dense city, or just don’t have a lot of extra space, don’t fret. We have a handful of favorites [], and they’ll almost all fit on a balcony, patio, or even right in your kitchen.

2) Wanna dig a little deeper? Check out the Stiga Kitchen Composter [], a crazy (but great) piece of composting engineering, courtesy of our friends in Sweden, that takes all (or at least most of) the guesswork out of the process and practically insures you of load after load of “black gold.”

3) Segregated recycling and composting bins [] are an easy, effective way to keep your planet-friendly actions in order.

4) New Yorkers, rejoice! If you don’t have a garden to feed compost to, but don’t want to keep chucking all that good organic waste, the Composting Green Map of Manhattan [] is here to show you where to take your kitchen scraps and organic waste so it can be composted for you.

5) In the same vein, there are community composting networks [] popping up all around the world, and even some guerilla composting [] for your secret, subversive, TreeHugging side.

6) To skip all the chit-chat and get right to it, check out TreeHugger’s Earth Day composting tips [], and stay tuned for more info and ideas on composting, throughout the rest of the week. Rot on!