Green Editorials From Majora Carter and Simran Sethi

Majora Carter and Simran Sethi care about the environment. They have many areas of knowledge on various environmental subjects. The two hosts made a few green editorial videos that played during the first screening of THE GREEN programming block. These videos deliver bite-sized bits of information that make it easier to present simplified versions of very confusing issues.

These green editorials also refer to some of the documentaries that play on Sundance Channel. Make sure to keep a note of the documentaries that interest you and tune-in to Sundance Channel the next time that documentary airs.

Green Editorial #1: Introducing the Hosts and Fuel Issues

This piece engages the fossil fuel industry and connects the dots between the oil well, your gas station and your tank of energy. This brings up the documentary CRUDE AWAKENING.

Green Editorial #2: Majora Carter and the Sustainable South Bronx project

This video with Majora Carter focuses on some important issues of pollution and poverty and how the two are often found in the same places.

Green Editorial #3: Simran Sethi and Vegetable Gardens

Simran Sethi shares her knowledge about the lawns in America and whether laboring that hard on grass is really worth it.

We trust you enjoyed these video pieces, and we’ll keep these coming in the near future.