Do It Yourself: It Is Greener (and Fun)

We’ve been talking all week about simultaneously going green and saving green. One of the best ways to do so is to take some initiative, and do it yourself. Not only can you save some cash, but can actually improve upon some ideas — think bicycle plus crank generator for your own power generator. Here are some of TreeHugger’s favorites.

1) Fashion tips: turn old men’s shirts into sassy women’s wear [], perform some t-shirt surgery [] to create some fun new pieces, make that old sweater into a new outfit [] and pimp your shoes [] to create better stuff without buying anything new.

2) Design tips: make your own version of MoMA’s Satellite Bowl out of chopsticks [], take a crack at a chair made of newspaper [] (really!) and build a Tensegrity Table [] (that’s “tensional integrity”) from stuff you can get at the hardware store.

3) Mobility and energy tips: build your own bicycle-powered energy generator [] or take it a step further and add solar cells to your scooter [] — it really works []! Alternately, put a little pep in your pedal-powered step with something like this propeller-powered trike [].

4) Finally, for the geek in all of us, check out one of the many things you can do with your old floppy computer disks [].