BuildingGreen, Inc. Announces 2006 Top Ten Green Building Products

The awards from BuildingGreen, Inc. include a list of the ten best environmentally friendly products out there. These products range from Renewable Energy Credits to an investment property to advanced technology in a shower head.

One of the standout products is the Coolerado Cooler Advanced, Indirect Evaporative Air Conditioner from Coolerado, LLC. This indirect evaporative cooler uses water’s evaporation as a means of cooling the air. This process is very effective in many climates with the exception of extremely humid areas. The green part of this product rests in the fact that the system uses a lot less energy than a traditional freon air conditioner. Indirect evaporative air conditioners work by evaporating water and using the cooling effect of that process to cool down air. This process does increase the humidity of the air so this explains why the process does not work as well in very wet climates.

For more information on this announcement and to read about all the winners, check the BuildingGreen, Inc. [] website.