Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: KIDS #2

Looking for more info on this week’s ECOIST and ECO BIZ segments? It’s easy to miss out on these two great but short segments, so we compiled some thoughts about them here.

ECOISTS: Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy says that “pollution is a theft”. This means that polluters steal people’s health from them. Everyone has a right to a clean environment to live in, and when a company or organization is allowed to pollute, this is a theft of the basic human right to survive. The problem in asserting this type of logic is that pollution is a global issue, and every level of society is involved in it, and this makes pointing the finger a lot harder. Nonetheless, as hurricane Katrina showed us, we all need to take responsibility for our actions or the environment on the planet will become unlivable.

Check out this video clip from ECOISTS and let us know what you think in our GREEN discussion area

ECO BIZ: Bruce M. Kahn

Investing in the environment is a fabulous way to introduce the world to working and living green. Bruce Kahn is adroit in realizing that people are in fact motivated by self interest, and that “being green” is really a business philosophy that advocates making the best and most conservative use of resources. In light of this similarity between doing profitable business and being green, Bruce Kahn has found a unique way of rewarding companies that are choosing green business practices. Every time somebody invests in a company that is engaged in sustainable business, then all the parties involved win.

Watch this clip and let us know what you think in our GREEN discussion area