Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: KIDS #1

Children are a central part of many families. It is through them society constantly redefines itself. In this regard, kids are silmilar to the environmental conditions that shape our lives.

People fight tirelessly to improve the environmental conditions on the planet because they are worried that the world will not be safe and healthy for their kids. It follows naturally that kids, embodying the continuation of humanity, might inspire the environmental movement with the most emotion and spontaneous goodwill. This week on THE GREEN, Sundance Channel is focusing on the ways in which kids are a part of humanity’s prosperous future.


The first concept covered in THE GREEN is the fact that many plastic toys are dangerous to a child’s health because PVCs and other additives used in toys contain carcinogens.

Kid’s toys contribute to the development of your child. A toy that is open ended, meaning that it can used in a variety of ways, has potential to unlock your child’s creativity. This is why many people advocate for a toy like building blocks. Each block by itself does not have a clear purpose, but in assembling them together, new and creative things can be made by your child.

A closed end toy might be a G.I. Joe action paratrooper. while the model may be colorful and fun for the child, the toy has clear limitations in terms of its functionality. Once the child has assessed that the function of the foot soldier toy is to shoot his gun at badguys, the toy has served its only purpose and will become boring for the child. This often leads to a child picking up a new toy (and the parent having to buy new toys all the time).

Check out this video commentary from Rick Goodwin

Another great theme on BIG IDEAS was an examination of the environmental works of a young boy named Evan. Evan works with the “Center for Ecosystems Survival” to raise funds for purchasing acres in the rain forests in Costa Rica. By being such a dedicated and surprisingly intelligent young boy, Evan has convinced many people to support his cause. Evan’s story is told in this BIG IDEAS webisode


This documentary explores how people are being affected by global warming and even economic expansion into traditionally poor and rural countries. An interesting statistic that is brought up in this documentary is that more people are displaced by environmental conditions than are displaced by warfare conditions. This is a recent development and we hope you tune into this documentary to learn about refugees and the new challenges facing them in the modern world.