Upcoming Publishing of "the green book"

On Tuesday, June 19th, “the green book – The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet, One Simple Step at a Time” will be released to retailers everywhere. This book is filled with step-by-step instructions on how you can change small things in your life that will make a positive impact on the state of the environment. The book features over 400 suggestions on how you can quickly insure you are doing your part to keep the environment healthy. The green book is also filled with celebrity insights and supportive comments. This list includes Will Ferrell, Robert Redford, Ellen DeGeneres, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Justin Timberlake, Tyra Banks, Owen Wilson, Martha Stewart, Tiki Barber, and Jennifer Aniston. In case you are looking for more information, make sure to check out the website for “the green book” [www.readthegreenbook.com].

The co-authors of the book, Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen are obviously very knowledgeable on environmental issues. They will be posting answers and helpful advice in THE GREEN CONSULTATIONS discussion area. This discussion area is designed to give you specific advice on how you can green your lifestyle. We hope you take this chance to get advice from experts who really know their stuff. If you are an expert yourself, then we also invite you to come to the GREEN CONSULTATIONS discussion and share your knowledge with others.

There will be an audio interview with “the green book” co-authors soon, so make sure to check the Eco-mmunity homepage regularly.

Elizabeth Rogers has managed special projects for the Clinton campaign and for Rock the Vote. She was Senior Vice President of Global Communications for Calvin Klein, a post she held for ten years before leaving to act as a global branding consult for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Rogers has created and produced MTV’s eco-friendly show Trippin’ with her friend, Cameron Diaz. The idea for the show grew from a trip they took to Belize with the NRDC where they conceptualized a show specifically targeting the MTV audience, geared to inspire young adults to not only fall in love with the planet but to inspire a “shift of habit” to empower the everyday person, in everyday life, to help save the planet.

She says she is most excited when she can “make environmental choices most user-friendly, cast the widest net with a simple, efficient message” and demonstrate that the new green is, above all, very easy for anyone to incorporate into daily life.

Rogers is currently an environmental consultant, and lives with her son in Venice, CA. She tries to shift a habit daily.

Thomas M. Kostigen writes the “Ethics Monitor” column for Dow Jones MarketWatch, and is a longtime journalist and former Bloomberg News editor. Kostigen has been writing about global warming, the environment, social issues, and government policies for almost two decades and his work has appeared in numerous publications around the world.

He is a recognized expert and speaker on social responsibility, including issues such as water, electronic waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions. He is active in social causes domestically and abroad; he is an adviser to The Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization involved in poverty awareness, and a member of the Rainforest Action Network. He has reported from five continents, and from refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East, so his ability to connect the dots from simple, individual actions to global environmental causes is unique and widely admired..

He believes in the philosophy that we all want to do good in the world, and “physicalizing” actions that are good – recycling, turning off the lights, etc.-empowers us to effect change; we will do good if we are shown how because we all have vested and personal interests in caring for the planet we live on.