So You're Married…What Now? Tips for Starting a Life Together

Okay, in keeping with the theme of the week, let’s say your newly (greenly) married and settling in to a life of domestic bliss. Aside from figuring out which side of the bed is yours and which toothbrush is yours, what comes next? And how can you keep it green? TreeHugger has some ideas…

1) We’d like to start off by saying that going green won’t destroy your marriage [], or at least it doesn’t have to. Remember, newlyweds, communication is key…
2) For lots of couples, getting a pet together is a nice way to cement your bond. TreeHugger recommends that you adopt from a shelter, get your new friend spayed or neutered, and, for goodness sake, clean up its poop (preferably in biodegradable plastic bags [] — we don’t need any more poo or plastic hanging around, for sure). Get lots more pet-owning, pet-caring tips in TreeHugger’s How to Green Your Pet [].
3) Ready for more? Owning your own house [] can be a challenge, and a financial stretch (if it’s your first one), but can be a great investment that you can improve with things like energy-efficient, Energy Star-rated appliances [] and fixtures, better insulation [], and more efficient windows [].
4) Though it may sound odd, it is possible to have a greener sex life [], and can be a fun new perspective to add to the connection you have with the one you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with.
5) First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the…remember what comes next in that old elementary school adage – that’s right…baby in the baby carriage. If you’ve got the pet and the house locked up, having a baby might be next in line. Perhaps the most difficult, most rewarding thing you’ll ever do, parenting is tough and babies are high maintenance, but rest easy knowing you can take it easy on the planet while adding a new inhabitant [] to it.

So, that about does it, right? Marriage, pet, house, kids…that should keep you busy for most of the rest of your lives. When a problem or difficulty comes up, just repeat after TreeHugger: “There’s always a greener way…there’s always a greener way.” Good luck!