Smaller Scale Solar Projects at Home

Yesterday, we mentioned [] the idea of cranking up the solar power with a roof-top, home-wide system that can help create clean power, reduce your utility bills, and maybe even allow you to put energy back into the grid, and then the local utility would be paying you — cool, huh? But that’s a big step; not everybody is ready to sign up for a $30,000 solar system (even though you don’t have to pay for all that yourself…more on that later this week). Here are some of our favorite ideas for taking a smaller-scale — but still effective — approach to enlisting the sun’s help in generating some of your own power.

1) Little projects and products like the solar address light [] or SolarBrick [] may seem trivial, but every little bit helps…
2) The $600 solar kit [] is a great way to take a solar baby step, and can definitely help you do something like take one room in your house off the grid [].
3) [] and The Affordable Solar Store [] are two great resources for a serious solar upgrade.
4) Need some inspiration to get started? Check out the Solar Dorm Room [] and Bob’s Solar Project [] for a couple great how-to guides for the burgeoning solar DIYer.
5) A solar-powered home heating system [] is one of the more effective solar quick changes you can make.
6) Can solar really be viable for the home? Read one man’s case for residential solar []. Here’s a hint: he makes a pretty good case for using a solar power system to provide electricity for his home and an all-electric car like the forthcoming Tesla Roadster [].
7) On the more theoretical side of things, there’s the Solar-Powered Hydrogen Home Fueling Station [] (pictured below). Hey, we can dream…