Politics Matter When It Comes To Protecting Nature

Get involved in this election season of 2008, you can truly make a difference in the environment based on who you put into office.

Barack Obama has studied the Washington D.C. politics of environmentalism and he concluded that the Bush Administration has weakened environmental regulations considerably through administrative orders. The scary thing about this fact is that the President can make sweeping changes that no other branch of government can vote on or alter. It seems as if Mr. Bush’s actions place him in bed with the corporate powers that approve of dismembered environmental regulations. Mr. Bush seems to believe lack of regulation on business is a good way to go because he believes this lowers the cost of conducting business. While this may be true in the short term, how much more expensive will conducting business become as nature starts to fall apart?

However, do not worry, there is good news here as well. Mr. Obama assures us that many of these damaging environmental laxities in regulation of industry are in fact administrative orders, which Presidents can simply issue. This means any President who holds office can choose to overturn them and replace them with appropriate environmental regulations instead. If Mr. Obama can hear us out there, it would be great to draw up a concrete list of these administrative orders so we can see exactly what would be overturned and also what would be replaced them.

In case you are curious to watch videos about candidates for president in ’08, check out the YouChoose [www.youtube.com] area on YouTube.