Part 2: Interviews With Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen

The green book has been on the bookstore shelves for one week now and has assuredly influenced many lives for the better. Last week, we shared the first few interview answers from the green book authors; Thomas M. Kostigen and Elizabeth Rogers. The next few answers contained in this post will continue to delve deeper into general environmental topics as well as to give you some appreciation of the authors’ backgrounds.

This interview post will be using Sundance Channel’s new audio player. Below each question you will see a play link that will start the audio answer in question.

Can you recommend other books on environmental topics that you used as references for the green book.

What is a great life experience that helped you dedicate yourself to environmentalism?

Between government, business and the consumer, which can make the planet healthier?

Will people motivate to be green on their own or will it take more Katrina-like events?