NYC Garbage Trucks Start Using Biodiesel

It looks like those loud rumbling machines we call garbage trucks are being greened up by some cities. This has been a slowly growing trend among garbage truck fleets in various cities including Portland, Oregon; Berkeley, California; Grand Rapids, Michegan; San Francisco, California; and now New York City.

The recent announcement that New York City will be using B5 (5% biofuel) is very exciting and especially important because this change is costing the city nothing and will lower greenhouse gas emission by 5%. Not content to stop there, New York City has commissioned three hybrid garbage truck prototypes for testing in ’08.

San Francisco has been using biodiesel in the garbage fleet for some time now, and they are using B20 fuel (20% biofuel) which can lower greenhouse gas emissions by some 21%.

I hope everyone can join me in clapping out loud for the people who take away the garbage everyday.