Notable Organization: Slow Food

Fast food is one of those inventions that makes America infamous. The model of fast food has gone almost everywhere by now, including vegetarian India, where a McDonald’s that does not serve meat just opened. On another note, can you really call it McDonalds if the menu lacks an entry for a Big Mac dripping with animal products?

To combat the “evils of fast food”, an organization called “Slow Food International” has developed over the last 20 years into a thriving, worldwide community of people who love to eat food that is organic and lovingly prepared. They have a decent sized calendar of “slow food” events where you can taste and learn how to make food the natural way.

Finding food that is created by sensible and sustainable agricultural practices is a great reason to call Slow Food environmental. The fact that slow food helps people to be healthier is just icing on the cake (soy based icing of course).

Make sure to check out their website at Slow Food International. []