New York Times: "A Brave New World for TV? Virtually"

Sundance Channel Island in Second Life was featured in the New York Times Arts & Leisure section on Sunday, June 24. Sundance Channel has branched out to explore the screening possibilities in virtual worlds and its efforts have been noticed by Second Life’s virtual citizens and established periodicals like The New York Times. The screening of FOUR EYED MONSTERS in Sundance Channel Island was the first big event of its kind in Second Life and you can expect to see similar events in the future.

Simran Sethi, a top environmental journalist, has been holding Q&A sessions in Second Life for many weeks. There are a few more scheduled Q&A sessions, so make sure to login to Second Life on Tuesday night at 10PM EST. Stay tuned for audio recordings of Simran’s answers in the near future. If you want to read the New York Times article in all its glory, you can access it here [].