Host Fashion Details

Our knowledgeable host for THE GREEN, Simran Sethi, wore some fine outfits during DRIVE, FURNISH and the upcoming CREATE week. In an effort to highlight green fashion designers, Sundance Channel loves to focus your attention on looking like a million bucks on the outside and the inside.

The first outfit worn on the green features a delicate pink-patterned blouse with a clean white-hemmed oval neckline and sleek, shoulder-hugging short sleeves. The alluring pink blouse is made by Edun. The pants are made by Del Forte. Del Forte has a very beautiful and sustainable line of denim pants, you may want to consider these if you are a fan of jeans. The earrings are made by Mollie Dash, whose pieces are so expertly chosen that they almost approach museum quality.

The second style features a green blouse accentuated with curving x-shaped bands of black trim. The bottom of the blouse is loose and confers a fee-flowing sense of relaxation. This blouse is made by Grace & Cello, a very active voice in using alternative and healthy fabrics to style society-at-large. The jewelry in this outfit is made by Tina Tang. Make sure to look for this outfit in THE GREEN, nestled conveniently in our Eco-Videos page.

The final outfit shows a casual but sumptuously comfortable black sweater by Grace & Cello, pants by Del Forte and Jewelry by Tina Tang.

We hope you enjoy our little touch of fashion, and thanks for thinking green.