Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: FURNISH #2

ECOIST: Laura Dern

The difference between being well-meaning and actually making a positive change in the world can often be found in the scope of a person’s mission. In the case of Laura Dern, she has championed children’s health. Being very impressionable and learning quickly makes a child the ideal student of the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Therefore one could make the case that by educating our children to be sensitive about their own health, that could lead to a brighter future in which those same children, as adults, will be much more aware of impacts that everyday chemicals can make on health and well-being.

Watch the Laura Dern clip above and let us know what you think about Laura Dern’s mission in our Green Discussion Board. As always, you can get more info about Laura Dern and our other ecoists at our Ecoist Profiles Page.

In the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC) website of Laura Dern is a prominent supporter, there is a wonderful little diagram of rooms in the average house and of what kinds of chemicals can be dangerous in those places. Check it out, you may find yourself learning a lot at the CHEC Virtual House [www.checnet.org].


Explore Eco-Chic at the ever-expanding line of sustainable ABC Home furnishings. Paulette Cole is dedicated to making your living room feel unique, and so her line of furniture features many one-of-a-kind pieces that can distinguish you from your neighbors. Listen to the CEO herself in this clip from ECO BIZ.

If you are looking to replace furniture in your house or you want to learn ways that you can refurbish your own furniture with eco-friendly techniques, then please post your own questions or take a turn at answering someone else’s in our Green Consultations discussion board.