Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: EAT #1

EAT is this week’s theme on THE GREEN. Many questions will be addressed. What are the differences between farm and factory? How far does food travel to get to your plate? How was your food made? Does organic food really taste so good that all other problems disappear when you eat it? Do vegans really make stinkier business than carnivores? And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, do Brangelina (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) have a favorite brand of organic breakfast cereal?

You will certainly have fun finding the answers to all (well except the last two) of these questions on Tuesday, May 15th, when THE GREEN airs on Sundance Channel. If you do not watch, your liver will complain and put itself up for organ donation.


In this week’s BIG IDEAS Webisode, we meet Robert Hartstein, who runs the “Blue Velvet” restaurant out in LA. He will relate how the interior design of the space conforms to many sustainable standards. He also elaborates on how customers benefit from this environmentally sound design.

Now that you have seen some green in action, lets take a look at some of our other guests. Hilary Brown of “Local Burger” has quite a good idea. Take one of the most American foods in the universe (which is normally not considered healthy) and make it using only the freshest, most local ingredients possible. The result is a food with a classic flavor and accountability, a nice change of pace after watching the evening news coverage of the shenanigans in Washington DC. Might need to pick up one of these juicy bad boys the night of the ’08 election. You can find a short video of Hilary Brown on the BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET homepage.

Nell Newman and Bryant Terry are next up in the BIG IDEAS guests, and they are full of good ideas on how farmer’s markets are great for the soul, the pocket watch and the taste buds. Check it out here.

Now that you have absorbed a hefty amount of green goodness, make sure to login to THE GREEN mini-site and vote on our WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? Contest. A lot of people submitted short videos on their BIG IDEA to save the planet. We hope you enjoy and make sure to vote, we want the best idea to win.

Eco-Documentaries: OUR DAILY BREAD

This documentary has no narrator. Nevertheless, the soundtrack of your local meat farm does an impressive job of ripping your heart out and stuffing it in your ears. It is an amazingly well-crafted and powerful documentary; just thought I would prepare the faint of heart. Here is a clip from OUR DAILY BREAD.

If this clip does not make you want to buy free-range, organic meat then I do not know if there is hope for Planet Earth. Remember to check back soon for more details on ECOISTS and ECO BIZ. We promise things will become cheery again!

In case everyone out there is interested in sharing stories about their favorite eating spots, then make sure to list them in our discussion boards.