Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: DRIVE #2

ECOISTS: Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah has been leading a sustainable lifestyle for some time. She uses solar panels for her home, drives a biodiesel car, adopts animals and in general strives to be a sustainable member of the world.

Daryl works tirelessly to further environmental changes. To this end, she created a website that is fabulously ingenious. You can browse a lot of specially prepared environmental content at this website [dhlovelife.com] and come away feeling more hopeful than before.

Here is the Daryl Hannah clip from ECOISTS

ECO BIZ: Cameron Cole

Riva Krut (on left) divined that environmental consulting was a needed aspect if one wanted to help businesses become more sustainable. What better way to lure CEOs and business owners into doing the right thing for the environment than to tell them you can make them more profit and also cut down on their manufacturing costs. Please log in to THE GREEN discussion boards and let us know what kinds of businesses could benefit from some environmental consulting. Who knows what strings our Eco-mmunity could pull?

Here is the ECO BIZ episode for this week, we hope you enjoy.

For more information on Cameron Cole, you can also check out their website [www.cameron-cole.com].