Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: CITIES #2


This week on ECOISTS, Ed Begley Jr. is the featured environmental activist. Ed Begley Jr. is dedicated to making sure the planet is habitable for future generations. He mentions that his kids and grandchildren helped inspire him to drive an electric car and recycle. Ed is interested in one particular organization, The Coalition for Clean Air. [www.coalitionforcleanair.org] As you may know, California has had many serious problems with air pollution, and particularly in the valley areas like Los Angeles, these air problems were so bad that one could see the smog in the air. Nowadays in Los Angeles, there are 4 times as many cars as there were in 1970, yet now the particulate air pollution is 50% as bad as it was then. We would like to encourage you to check out our ECOISTS’ Profiles [www.sundance.tv] area in THE GREEN mini-site. You may find that these notable environmental activists listed there share some of your concerns about the future of this world.

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ECO BIZ gives it’s viewers a chance to get a quick snapshot of businesses that are committed to a sustainable future. This is not just a matter of public relations, these companies are helping to change their respective industries for the better, showing that green business philosophy is economically rewarding as well as the morally correct course of action. This week’s subject on ECO BIZ is Great Eastern Ecology, [www.greateasternecology.com] whose CEO, Mark Laska, is pictured next to this section. Among the projects mentioned in the show, Great Eastern Ecology is working on building a wetlands ecosystem on the New York City waterfront area. This project will create a park for the city’s people to enjoy while simultaneously creating a salt marsh environment for many other organisms to live in. One can think of this park as a borderless zoo. In fact, the company is essentially making it possible for people to live in a city (a very popular living destination) and not destroy the environment in the process.

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