Wear Week: Host Fashion

It’s that time of the week when we talk about THE GREEN online host fashions as seen on-air and in our weekly webisode.

This week, Majora Carter wears a striking strapless dress by Linda Loudermilk [www.lindaloudermilk.com]. The bright yellow color of the dress appears similar to a sunflower petal, perhaps that is the main ingredient in the dye. Linda Loudermilk is all about making natural pieces modern and clean, in an attempt to escape the stereotype that all green things look unfinished or rough around the edges. Her hope is that people will buy her clothing for the high quality design, not just on the basis that the clothing promotes a healthier world.

The necklace around Majora’s neck is made by the vivacious jewelry designer Lulu Frost [lulufrost.com]. Lulu Frost is especially interesting because her pieces are made from mostly recycled and repurposed objects, like using ’20s antique dress clips to make beautiful decorative earrings. Lulu finds forgotten art and gives it a new shine.

Simran Sethi on the right; she wears a top by Living Planet [www.myspace.com] and her skirt is made by Anna Cohen [www.annacohen.com]. Purple is such a pretty color, don’t you think? There is such nice detail on the blouse Simran is wearing, not to mention how striking the barely there shoulder pads are. Reminds me of “Dallas” a little but without the over-the-top hair and the excessive padding. The skirt is a deep black color and even has a decent amount of sheen to attract the eye.

As always, feel free to log in to the discussion area and tell us what you think of the clothes and the designers. It’s admirable to aim for beauty and sustainability.