THE GREEN Online Webisode: #5 with Simran Sethi

On May 15th, the theme on THE GREEN is “Eat”. The ultimate drug, food is quite literally the primary substance from which your body creates the tissue of the human organism; the saying that “you are what you eat” is extremely apt in this regard. Interestingly enough, one can make the claim that all the lifeforms in America are derived from corn molecules. Why is this? Well the feed and fertilizer for the animal products and vegetable produce we eat in this country are both refined from corn products. Hence, we are made out of corn. Now that you are totally freaked out, and afraid that we are all “Children of the Corn”, let me reassure you, it’s not that bad. Molecules, atoms and compounds are extremely good at transforming themselves into new things, so while there is a legacy of corn floating around somewhere in our bloodstream, it’s ok, we’re happy right?

One major topic in the realm of food is the concept of ‘organic’. What exactly does it mean? Dictionaries define ‘organic’ as “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms”. In a colloquial sense, ‘organic’ means that nature could produce the object in question. In my extensive experience, filling my tummy with yummy ‘organic’ is just below winning the lottery and definitely above a shiatsu massage. In fact, it’s almost as good as make-up sex. Often times, organic food just tastes better, and since it cannot be treated with preservatives to lay around for weeks, its always fresher than your laundry. It’s highly recommended that you try to eat something off the stem one of these days; there is really nothing like pulling an apple off a tree and having a big, juicy bite with sweet stuff dribbling down your neck.

Well enough silly nonsense, at this point in the week we love to show you THE GREEN Online with Simran Sethi Webisode for the following week. Simran talks about the Eco Documentary OUR DAILY BREAD. If you can bear to witness an objective appraisal of our industrial food system here in America, you will be moved somewhere on your chair for sure, so make so to login to our Green Minisite and check out the Eco Documentaries section.

We hope to share more dribbly details with all of you soon!