The Green Online Webisode #4 with Simran Sethi

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Host of THE GREEN Online, Simran Sethi challenges us to think creatively
about the environment.

Simran asks, “Is nature your muse?” but she is really getting at the
larger question of what role aesthetics, or art, plays in environmentalism.
After all aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that originally grew out of
the contemplation of nature and it’s relation to our left-brain rationalism
(the normal subject of philosophic discourse).

Simran goes on to ask what role art and science play in influencing culture. Again, what she’s really getting at here is something larger. Isn’t it our culture of consumption that drives our self-conscious destruction of the environment? And conversely, cultural appeals are at the heart of the successful campaigns like Bono’s Red campaign [], or Al Gore’s new Live Earth concert series []. So if culture plays a role in the choices we make and those choices affect the environment then shouldn’t we consider what drives cultural change if we really want to change from destroying to celebrating our planet? And isn’t art at the heart of the process of cultural change? And doesn’t the environmental movement have a similar goal at heart as aesthetic theory (Schiller’s), namely to reconcile the sensual and rational parts of our own nature?

A lot of questions. Sorry, but they are important things to consider as we
make choices about what clothes to wear, what cars to buy, or whether to buy a car at all and on and on. We make aesthetic choices every day, or rather we make decisions based on our “taste” and aesthetic considerations are at the core of those choices whether we are conscious of them or not. So take a moment and think about the art and culture that has influenced your perspective on the environment and share them with us. We’d love to hear about some of the films, music, designs, etc that have given you a new perspective on our planet. Whether it’s land art [], or Art from the Arctic, or An Inconvenient Truth, or whatever it may be, we want to hear about it. And maybe we’ll discover a host of little ways, and maybe even some big ways, to affect meaningful change!

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THE GREEN in Second Life

And be sure to come with questions as Simran hosts her next discussion in Second Life. This week Simran will be at our Sundance Channel Cafe in Second Life at the following time:

What: Join Simran Sethi, host of THE GREEN on Sundance Channel, in Second Life for weekly discussion forums on environmental issues and
Date: May 8
Time: 10pm EST / 7pm SLT (Second Life Time)
This Week’s Topic: BUILD – Does culture influence the environmental choices we make every day?
Where: THE GREEN forum will take place in the Main Screening Room on Sundance Channel Island.