THE GREEN Meeting #5 Recap

Another view of our virtual hosts!

Welcome back to the weekly GREEN meeting recap article! On Tuesday night, May 15th, we had yet another great conversation in Second Life. Simran Sethi tried to help people understand the connections between eating and the environment. In fact, these two things are probably more related than anything else covered in THE GREEN. Eating is very integral to evolution and the progression of life forms on this planet.

Here is last week’s webisode, check it out.

This week Simran takes on the issue of becoming what we eat and shows us the terrifying example of an industrial farm and how sterile that environment appears. We will let you draw your own conclusions but in case you are interested in checking out some resources for environmental changes you can take part in, check out the Sundance Channel Guide to Greener Living.

Dont’ Miss It: The Next Second Life Q&A Session with Simran Sethi

When: Thursday, May 24 at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST
What: An evening starting with an environmentally themed short film and ending with 45 minutes of Q&A with one of the world’s most renowned environmental journalists: Simran Sethi
Topic: What is green about your car?
Where: Sundance Channel in Second Life, in the Main Screening Room