THE GREEN Meeting #4 Recap

A very green avatar spotted at our recent events!

The GREEN meeting this week was very lively, and people asked many questions about Green clothing. Feeling good about what you are wearing can be quite important, so perhaps in this case “looking good” is all about “feeling good”. Simran Sethi happily fielded questions from the audience and talked at length about green fashion and other interesting environmental topics.

In case you could not make it to the event in Second Life but you still want to watch this week’s webisode, click the video below.

The webisode deals with the documentary “Art from the Arctic”, a film that touches on the ways art and science can be combined to educate and motivate people towards a green lifestyle. If you are looking for a great introduction to what is involved in a “green lifestyle”, check out the Sundance Channel Guide to Greener Living.

Dont’ Miss It: The Next Second Life Q&A Session with Simran Sethi

When: May 15 at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST
What: An evening starting with an environmentally themed short film and ending with 45 minutes of Q&A with one of the world’s most renowned environmental journalists: Simran Sethi
Topic: What is green about your food?
Where: Sundance Channel in Second Life, in the Main Screening Room