New Ryan Adams Track "Two" – (Featuring Sheryl Crow)

Although his last two albums, 29 and Jacksonville City Nights offered a respite of sorts, ever since the 2005 release of Cold Roses, Ryan’s head has been Dead set; even his Town Hall stint [] and recent Rollins Show performance of the Easy Tiger cut “Goodnight Rose” saw him appease his inner Jerry’s kid. But the first studio taste from Easy Tiger is a throw back to those Gold sounds that took him from your personal Heartbreaker to his enduring “next-big-thing” status.

The song’s called “Two,” though it sounds more like “2.0,” as in “Harder Now That It’s Over 2.0.” Well, a little faster, and maybe the capo set up a few frets — but it is built on that same roots-fave C-G chord base. Still, it’s got a fancy guest vocal, it’s got a great Ryan vocal, and it’s essentially Lesh-less. Nice start, Ryan.

Ryan Adams – “Two [] [Feat. Sheryl Crow]“

Ryan’s latest album Easy Tiger is out 6/26 on Lost Highway.