IBM Wants to Take the Green Road.

IBM, the long-standing computer technology giant, is taking an environmental stance on their data center solutions. The tech giant is committing 1 Billion dollars annually to solving the energy drain from large data centers. They are calling this plan “Project Big Green”, so they are obviously hoping they can get some free publicity out of this (guess we are delivering some to them now). These centers are powering networks around the world currently, and apparently the energy they consume is staggeringly large. According to IBM officials, “For an average, 25,000-square foot datacenter, the result could be energy savings of as much as 42 percent, potentially leading to 7,439 tons of carbon emissions saved per year in the United States.” The company stands to make a hefty financial gain on the new energy savings technology, as all of their offices are running these data centers and their products would be more competitive in the data center market place.

Once again this type of news is heartening, as it shows the true economic viability of the green movement. Imagine how much faster the green movement will start to change things for the better when more CEOs realize that their companies gain enhanced fiscal performance through improvements in green efficiency.