GREEN Fashion: Can We Look Good and Feel Good?

This week’s topic on THE GREEN is fashion. As some of you may remember from the golden days of “Saturday Night Live”, Billy Crystal used to play a character named “Fernando”. Fernando used to comment on people’s fashion sense by stating that “it’s better to look good than to feel good”.

To this day, many people sacrifice comfort for fashion, but perhaps these days are coming to an end. Carson Kressley, a fashion designer and a star from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, feels that we may finally be reaching a point where we can look good and feel good at the same time, even if the “feel good” part of that scenario may only apply to knowing we are doing something good for the world by wearing green-friendly clothing.

Thanks to high-fashion designers like Linda Loudermilk and fashion labels like Ekoganik, it seems more possible than ever to wear ecologically safe clothing that looks simply amazing. However, even though there may be some designers who choose to take the sustainable path because they believe it is right, there are still many who opt for the quick buck. In a sense, it’s the job of the consumer to send a message to these companies by buying smart. Ali Hewson believes that consumers have an amazing power in their pockets. This power can affect the world around them based on what products the consumer chooses to buy.

We trust you enjoyed these brief snapshots from the minds of people who are committed to being green. Check out our Green Discussion boards [] and let us know if we got things right, wrong, or somewhere we could not even imagine.

In parting, please remember that everyone holds limitless potential, and all it takes is determination to transform that potential into reality.