Build and Cities Week: Host Fashions

For this week’s fashion round-up, we will be taking a look at the outfits worn by Simran Sethi and Majora Carter during the last two weeks of THE GREEN’s environmental programming on the Sundance Channel. Both of our wonderful hosts enjoyed dressing in ecologically sustainable garments, as one can see in their happy and serene expressions.

Simran looks beautiful and feels comfortable in an outfit designed by Living Planet. [] The stunning stitch design on the front of the dress is sophisticated and compliments the simplicity of the knee length cut of the dress. Complete with short, white-trimmed sleeves, this dress catches the eye with its’ expansive red vibrancy.

Majora Carter’s is designed by Ecoganik. [] This gown has a gentle clinging quality that emphasizes the shape of the body while simultaneously allowing the skirt to flow, giving the impression that one is floating across the ground. The neck of the gown allows for optimal viewing of a necklace, in this case a design by jewelry designer, Mollie Dash. []

The last outfit worn throughout these weeks features wardrobe by Grace & Cello. [] With a luscious, red, open-neck blouse and a black sweater, this outfit provides freedom of movement while still being sexy and chic for busy women on the go, such as Simran Sethi.

In case you are wondering what makes a garment ecologically sustainable, the definition comes in two parts. Part one would be the ingredients from which the clothing is made of, and these must come from organic sources, like organic cotton and organic dyes. The second part is the manufacturing process, which essentially boils down to how ecological the factory is that puts the clothing together.

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