Band to Watch: Cajun Dance Party

Seems like all our friends with tickets to ride across the Atlantic and back return buzzing about Cajun Dance Party, a band of five teenagers (ages 16-17) from London, gaining a name for packing in the punters and kicking out melodic spunk. They’ve left journos drawing wild comparisons (the Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, the Beatles) with just a few singles to their name, but in the process have caught of the ear of, less importantly, us, and more impressively, Thom Yorke, who according to NME told ‘em to sign with XL, the independent label that put out Yorke’s solo effort last year. “He’s like a prophet,” says singer Danny Blumberg, “He said, ‘Don’t sign to a major,’ so we didn’t.”

While the garagey post-punk is in there, the kids look to bands like Arcade Fire over the Libertines or the new rave scene, which sounding as they do, is encouraging. For the States, for now, the 7″ with b-side “Buttercups” is available only via Insound [] and Other Music. Cajun Dance Party’s full-length debut is in the works and should be out later this year.

In the meantime, visit Stereogum [] to listen to the Cajun Dance Party track “The Next Untouchable” and watch the new video.