Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: FUEL

Sundance Channel launched THE GREEN this week. To help you find more information on the issues, ideas and personalities highlighted in THE GREEN we will be posting an entry every week that will point you to places on our site where you will find deleted and expanded scenes, additional commentary from experts and activists, as well as interactive forums where you can debate, discuss and ad your own GREEN ideas, big and small.

We encourage you to make a practical difference in the world by improving the quality of your lifestyle through adopting any number of ‘green habits’. Since this week’s theme is fuel, you can find a compilation of fuel advice in “Your Guide to Greener Living” [www.sundance.tv]. We recommend you bookmark “Your Guide to Greener Living” because it will be updated continually.

This week the topic on THE GREEN is FUEL.

President Bush famously declared in his State of the Union address that America is “addicted” to oil, but that addiction isn’t just to gas-guzzling cars. As Simran, the host of THE GREEN and THE GREEN Online, says, “Petroleum is in everthing from plastic packaging to sex lube. We drink water from bottles made with oil, we pave our roads with it, and we wage wars for it.” In this week’s Webisode [www.sundance.tv]Simran discusses the implications of this addiction and ways to kick it.


BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET [www.sundance.tv] takes a deeper look at the oil we pour down the drain of our gas tanks. Is there a better way? BIG IDEAS takes a look at biofuels from bio-diesel to ethenol and takes you on a test drive at Daytona.

Joel Woolf, alternative-fuel enthusiast and inventor of Veg Powered Systems, drag races his truck fueled by the vegetable oil from a fried-chicken tailgate party; Colette Brooks, a fanatic for muscle cars and Prada shoes, leads a bio-diesel PR campaign that hooks up clients with diesel cars around the country; and Indy Racing League’s Jeff Simmons prepares for the 2007 season by suiting up for a test drive in a car that runs on 100% ethanol.


The documentary A CRUDE AWAKENING [www.sundance.tv] takes us into the bowels of the earth and explores the future of a world quickly running out of oil.

Sundance Channel’s Treehugger Blog

And the Treehugger blog shows us that it is not only the inevitable disappearance of oil that is a problem but the carbon emissions [www.sundance.tv]created when that oil is burned. Colin also provides a helpful introduction [www.sundance.tv]to the various kinds of biofuel and their benefits

Ideas and Debates

Join our discussions [www.sundance.tv] to share your BIG IDEAS, or submit your BIG IDEA [www.sundance.tv] to our What’s the Big Idea? Contest.

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