TreeHugger's Best Big Idea

At TreeHugger, we a lot of our time talking about scaling things back, using less, reducing our footprints and the like. Most of the time, this behavior serves to cut back on raw material and other resource use, so it makes sense. There are other (more rare) occasions that we’ve found to promote “big” ideas, in the literal sense of the word. In honor of those occasions (and the end of “Big Idea” week here on the blog), these are some of the best “big” ideas TreeHugger has seen.

So, for as much as we advocate that less is more, big is the new small, and other catchy quips about TreeHugger-friendly living, sometimes bigger is better. Perhaps the most heartening thing these projects showcase is the ability for big, landscape altering projects (like the Big Dig and big box stores) to be given a second chance and turned into something useful. Don’t forget, if you have a big idea (and even a “big” idea), grab a camera, create a 1 minute short film about it, and submit it [] to the “What’s the Big Idea?” Contest by Monday, April 30.