The Green Online Webisode #1 with Simran Sethi

Sundance Channel and THE GREEN Online are focused on promoting the development of ecologically sustainable lifestyles by highlighting people and companies at the forefront of the “green” movement. We have a lot planned for you over the next several months including exclusive video clips, webisodes, the launch of our new eco-mmunity, a brand new blog from Treehugger, Second Life visits by our host, Simran Sethi, and an area for you to learn more about how you can take action and make a difference in your community.

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By now you probably know THE GREEN launches on April 17 at 9pm with “Big Ideas for a Small Planet”. The first episode is FUEL. This episode investigates the future of automotive fuel with segments on a truck that runs on vegetable oil (from a fried chicken party!); one-woman’s bio-diesel promotion called Bio-Bling; and the test of an ethanol racing car at Daytona. If you can’t wait until April 17 you can go to iTunes for a FREE sneak peek through the 17th. Click here if you want to download the first episode:

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We are also going to have exclusive webisodes each week that go into further detail on what’s happening each week on THE GREEN. We’re excited to have Simran Sethi host our online segments. This week join Simran as she talks about ways to cut your carbs – carbon emissions that is.

Let’s make it simple, when carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere it creates a “blanket” of greenhouse gasses around the planet that traps the suns rays and heats the planet up.

This week the New York Times noted: “In almost every instance, the people most at risk from climate change live in countries that have contributed least to the atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses linked to the recent warming of the planet. Those most vulnerable countries also tend to be the poorest. And the countries that face the least harm – and that are best equipped to deal with the harm they do face- tend to be the richest.” (New York Times, Report from the Four Fronts in the War on Warming, April 3, 2007)

Americans and other large industrial countries add thousands of tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere every day… by driving our cars, making electricity, and living our modern industrialized lives. Nobody wants you to give up your modern lifestyle, we just want to show you all the ways you can do your part to undo the damage we have done to the planet. We are building an interactive eco-conscious online community and we want to explore with you how “greener” lifestyles can become a part of our everyday lives. We hope you join us. Everybody can do it and every little bit helps!

“The Green” in Second Life

What: Join Simran Sethi, host of THE GREEN on Sundance Channel, in Second Life for weekly discussion forums on environmental issues and solutions.
Date: April 17th
Time: 10pm EST / 7pm SLT (Second Life Time)
This Week’s Topic: FUEL – How can we cut back on carbs (carbon emissions)?
Where: THE GREEN forum will take place in the Main Screening Room on Sundance Channel Island.

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Join the Sundance Channel Group in Second Life to stay up-to-date on upcoming THE GREEN events in Second Life. Simran will be hosting weekly discussions in-world with eco-experts and eco-celebrities like herself.

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