Red Carpet, Green Fuel: Celebrity Biodiesel Boosters

We’ve been spending most of this week chatting about fuel, and biofuels have been hogging the spotlight. That’s okay; they’re a viable way to power our cars and other forms of transportation in a greener, more renewable way than petroleum products, and they’re available today. Biofuels have even gotten big enough to pick up some valuable celebrity endorsements; these are a great way to market the new fuel to a new crowd, since some people just won’t listen to TreeHugger, no matter how easy, fun or hip we make going green seem.

Some pretty big-name musicians have hopped aboard the biofuel bandwagon as well; they’ve discovered that it’s a great way to green their tours (by using it to fuel their buses) and walk the green walk. While some celebrity endorsements can feel disingenuous, forced or self-righteous, we’ve been impressed by the commitment of these folks, who don’t just endorse the idea, but use it themselves. Check out a quick list of some of the celebs who are touting petroleum alternatives and helping bring the idea further into the mainstream.

    [*] Daryl Hannah [] drives a 1983 El Camino powered by biodiesel, and has even been known to lick the gas cap! Even so, she remains a passionate, educated activist for the fuel.
    [*] Willie Nelson [] is such a big fan of biodiesel that he launched his very own brand of the stuff. He’s proud to support domestic farmers and a healthier environment with “BioWillie”, now available in seven states and adding locations every month.
    [*] What’s better than Daryl Hannah or Willie Nelson? How about Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson together [], as they were at the 2006 National Biodiesel Conference.
    [*] Celeb chef Michael Chiarello [] is working on converting his Napa Valley farm to 100% biodiesel.
    [*] Woody Harrelson [] went on The Late Show with David Letterman and chatted about his addiction to the petroleum alternative.
    [*] Mandy Moore [] has also hopped aboard the bandwagon, going so far as to convert her ride to run on straight veggie oil.
    [*] Musicians have taken the biofuel message on the road, including Pearl Jam [], who have been active in the green realm for a long time, including a switch to biodiesel on tour.
    [*] British rockers Gomez [] partnered up with Clif Bar’s GreenNotes program to fuel their latest tour with biodiesel, among other green good deeds.
    [*] Jack Johnson [] was one of the first musicians that we found to be boosting biodiesel by burning it on tour.
    [*] Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young [] acked up 220,000 miles last year on tour; powering them all with biodiesel made them 78% cleaner than before, along with signing up to be carbon neutral in 2006.
    [*]MTV2′s $2 Bill Tour, featuring 30 Seconds to Mars [], wasn’t left out of the biofuel fun: the 27-city tour was fueled by biodiesel as well.
    [*] When not driving around in his Prius, Steven Page and the rest of the Barenaked Ladies [] will be using biodiesel on tour, along with other carbon-cutting strategies.

Now that biofuels have gone prime time on The GREEN, we’ll look for more celebs to discover that switching to oil alternatives is not only the right thing to do, but it really works well, too.