Macy Gray and Lifehouse Perform at THE GREEN Launch Party

The long awaited launch of THE GREEN has finally arrived, and Sundance Channel just hosted a party in Los Angeles, which, in addition to the green festivities, featured live performances by two musical artists. Macy Gray performed songs from her new album: “Big”, on Geffen Records [] which is currently available for sale in stores and at the iTunes online store. [] Macy Gray will be touring the world later this summer, so check back often and you will find her tour dates listed here.

For a sample of her new album, check out this video of her new single “Finally Made Me Happy,” with guest appearances by Natalie Cole and

Lifehouse also made a great splash at the party when they played some songs from their new album: “Who We Are”, on Geffen Records, which will be available on June 19th.

For a sample of Lifehouse’s music, check out this music video of their hit single “You and Me”.

For more on Lifehouse, check out the Geffen Records webpage about the band here. []