Guerrilla Eco-Education: LVHRD Part #1

Imagine getting a strange “facsimile” invitation from a stranger named Beauregard H. Montgomery in your email, and you are told the only way you can RSVP to attend is by entering your name and cell phone number and to await further instructions. Beauregard goes on to say in the fax, that on the day of the event you will be contacted via text message and told, the time and location where the event would be held.

After getting one of these emails, I found out about an exclusive underground organization in New York, called LVHRD, (LVHRD=Live Hard). In the years since their inception LVHRD, has gone somewhat mainstream, opening it’s events to the public and creating a website, but membership is exclusive and it has been closed since October 2005. New members are evaluated on an individual basis involving participation, creative pursuits, and professional diversity and they must be “tapped” by the organization and invited to join to receive “special” member benefits.

The Crowd at the Party

LVHRD [] uses a unique blend of high-tech guerrilla “smart-mob” [] style tactics and the promise of networking, drinks and whimsical debauchery to bring together like minded visionaries, intellectuals and other tastemakers to have fun, socialize and blow off steam. Part private club, flash mob, and creative salon, LVHRD has a unique way of bringing creative people together. Its high tech tactics allow the organization to publicize their events, flyer-free which is a great precedent to set in New York, where thousands of 4-color flyers and posters litter the streets each night outside every nightclub in the city.

Their events [] cover a wide range of themes and experiences. One type of event called Master Disaster Duels [] pits two teams, against one another in industry specific creative combat focusing on themes like architecture, dance, fashion design, and the dramatic arts. The Architects came ready to wage war, when they arrived they were told they would be building sustainable communities…to their surprise, out of huge blocks of cheese (highly renewable resources). Members cast votes via text message to determine the winner and voting is displayed on a screen, live during the event. Check out the highlights below (provided courtesy of LVHRD)

Architect Duel (pt 1)-WATCH VIDEO []
Architect Duel (pt 2)-WATCH VIDEO []

Another event called the “Striptease for Charity” [] challenged members to attend the event dressed in clothes that they wanted to donate and then each member took turns “stripping” out of them to music, one at a time on stage during the event. How’s that for an interesting way to reduce, reuse, and recycle clothing!

What is LVHRD? Well– I don’t really know, but that’s the mystery that fuels their popularity. Who is Beauregard H. Montgomery? That’s a mystery probably only known to members, as well. Anyway here’s their mantra: “LVHRD seeks to unite those individuals that have a passion for change, a willingness to succeed and the determination to overcome conventions. LVHRD is a tradition of creativity through collaboration.” I have been to many of their events and they are always a blast and they usually make me THINK, which is rare in the New York club scene.

If you are looking for more details on the party LVHRD threw on April 24th, check the following post in this blog.