Fuel Week: Host Fashion

In order to walk-the-talk, Sundance Channel decided to make sure our on-air hosts were dressed in the finest organic clothing on the market. Whenever they appear on your TV screen, our hosts Majora Carter and Simran Sethi are always wearing clothing and fine jewelry from designers who only use sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes for their products.

Majora Carter is wearing a black and white trim dress by Grace & Cello [www.gracecello.com]. Her jewelry is provided from the collection of Mollie Dash [molliedash.com].

Simran is wearing a red sleeveless top with a black knot pattern and greyish blue dress pants. This clothing comes from Deborah Lindquist [www.deborahlindquist.com], and are selected pieces from an eco-conscious line of clothing. The jewelry Simran is wearing comes from designer Lulu Frost. [www.lulufrost.com]