Earth Day 2007: Celebrating the Planet on Sunday

This coming Sunday (April 22) is Earth Day, which, you may be thinking, is a holiday tailor-made for TreeHuggers and other greenies everywhere, but TreeHugger has an interesting relationship with Earth Day. On the one hand, it’s great that there’s a day dedicated to bringing the world together to make our Earth a greener, healthier place to be. On the other hand, one day isn’t nearly enough to do everything that needs to be done, and we don’t want folks to think that they can worry about the planet for a day and then forget about it for another year. Aside from that, we shouldn’t need an excuse to all do something positive for our world; however, it makes sense that to mobilize a large group of people, in many locales around the globe, we need to get it on the calendar, so everyone can plan on it. And back and forth we go.

Despite this internal struggle, Earth Day is still an overwhelmingly positive thing, and TreeHugger is excited that it’s here. More than ever, there are ways to be involved and take action, no matter your political, professional or ideological persuasion. The Earthday Network [] (whose tagline promises “Earth Day for everybody”) has info and resources for Earth Day on Capitol Hill for those who interested in taking the fight for the Earth right to the top; for less activism-oriented folks, they ask you to change a lightbulb []. To find an event, big or small, political or personal, near you, click on over to the Earth Day 2007 [] section of their website. They really have something for everyone.

If getting out and rubbing elbows with your neighbors and friends (and maybe hugging a tree or two) is too much, or you prefer to start thinking globally by making a few changes at home, TreeHugger has put together a handy Earth Day guide [], where you’ll find quick, easy ideas and tips for making your lifestyle a little greener. Included in the guide are tips for things like saving water (with a low-flow showerhead, by practicing TreeHugger-friendly dishwashing, that kind of thing) and saving energy (change a lightbulb, cut back on phantom energy, just to name a few) that you can do and still have time for a walk in the park on Sunday afternoon. No matter what you do on Sunday, TreeHugger urges you to think of the planet first, and have a green day!