Designer Spotlight: Q Collection

At TreeHugger, we embrace design as part of the solution to a healthier, greener, more livable planet; we all need stuff (though not too much) and all that stuff needs to be designed by someone; the more sustainability in incorporated into design, the better, and the better the design is, the more people will want a little piece for themselves. This is why we’re such fans of the work done by Q Collection [], whose chic, modern products are pure sustainable design.

TreeHugger first noticed the work of Q Collection back in 2004 []; since then, they’ve added more furniture [], along with fabrics and accessories, to a lineup of home furnishings that are a true triple threat: better for you, your home and the planet. Combining a refined, timeless modern sensibility with carefully-selected materials that reduce or eliminate risks to human health and the environment, their products are constructed without toxic chemicals, carcinogens and the leading components of poor indoor air quality. You won’t find nasties like polyurethane, formaldehyde and brominated fire retardants, which are all either known or suspected carcinogens and not good for anyone, along with chemicals like dioxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in any of Q Collection’s work. This commitment extends to their fabrics and leathers; the textiles use zero impact dyes and the excess clippings from the fabric are used as ground cover by farmers near the mill. Their leather uses only vegetable dyes and no heavy metals in the tanning process, which, when it comes to leather, is the healthier, more sustainable way to go. Listing their entire volume of environmental and sustainability concerns addressed by their work isn’t practical for this space, but we’re confident in saying that it’s well-thought out and executed, and quite complete.

The ‘design’ half of’sustainable design’ is what sets Q Collection apart from many others, though — after all, they were named as one of the “Best of TreeHugger: Sustainable Designers” [] awhile back, and exhibited last year at HauteGREEN [], an exhibition of the best in sustainable design. Furniture like the “James” side chair (above, left) and “Joe” lounge chair with ottoman (above, right), show off their clean, modern sensibility that’s accentuated by accessories like the Moss Dot Pillow (above, center). Whether you’re looking for a single piece or an entire living set, Q Collection can help you be healthier: individually, in your home, and with your entire ecological footprint. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to see, including more details on their materials, products, and where you can find them, at [].