A Dash of Humor for the Sake of Green Fun

It’s two days after Earth Day, and that means we want to keep you talking about the environmental movement. There is no better way to get people excited about a topic than through a little green humor.

During the filming of BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET, we recorded a number of interviews that ended up having a few funny moments. Below you will find two clips of out-takes from an interview with “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” star, Carson Kressley. Let see what he thinks about man’s future on earth after Global Warming takes it’s toll.

Becoming a civilization of “sea monkies” could be the future of humanity unless we decide to stop the rising sea levels caused by Global Warming and save the planet, and we may want to avoid that fate because it would probably be pretty hard to grow bananas in the ocean.

The second clip from Kressley exposes another evacuation destination for humanity, and where else but the moon!

I suppose one of the benefits of living on the moon would be great sleep. With less gravity, there would be less tossing and turning, so you could just float in one spot assuming you had some type of harness to keep yourself from floating out of bed.

On another note, environmentalism or “GREEN” discussions can often be devoid of humor. If you feel you can help increase the fun factor of environmental topics, please make use of our discussion boards [www.sundance.tv]. I am sure everyone will appreciate the good feelings humor can bring to the the environmental movement. We are not about doom and gloom here–we are all about solutions!